I am both a student of meditation and a student of flowers.
They combine into a creative passion throughout my life.
Meditation does well to bring my mind and cells of the body
to a sense of harmony, balance, and well-being.

Coming out of meditation, I am then challenged
to maintain this state of well-being throughout the day.
Flowers are my support to this challenge.
Always a gift to my senses,
they stimulate the spiritual centers of my being.
In so doing, they share a power of focus
that returns me to my personal center of harmony, balance,
and well-being.
I feel renewed.

From time to time,
certain flowers share a special energy with my photographic work.
And, at times in meditation, the particular flower
brings to mind a very clear and distinct affirmation.
The flower is sharing a deeper identity of itself,
giving more of itself to nurture me.

This artwork is an invitation to a relationship.
There exists in the flower an unconditional power to give,
nurture and strengthen.
When you feel life is a challenge to you,
accept their invitation to share a power
that will work to restore your well being.
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